Sell WoW Items

     Sell WoW Items

Sell WoW Items To Loot Fetch - And Make $$$
We Buy World of Warcraft Items !!!

If you have been to our site Loot Fetch you know that what we do is sell World of Warcraft items to players that need them. We can sell ANY WoW item in the game that is tradable. We sell any item that can be put in a trade window and traded. That is where you or your business comes in. We are looking for more people to help us obtain, make, and farm items in any way they can (as long as there is no botting or cheating). If you are any of the following then you can make money selling to us regularly.

- Are you a hardcore player that has multiple accounts and spends a lot of time in-game? Want to make money playing a video game?
- Are you a casual gamer that wants to make real money part time off the auction house instead of play money?
- Does your guild want to make real cash instead of pilling up 1000's of gold or items that just sit around?
- Do you love watching the AH for those rare items and reselling them for more gold than you paid? How about real money instead?
- Are you a player already selling wow gold for pennies? Get paid double with us. And with no risk. From a US based website.
- If you are a gold farmer then you can double your money or more with us potentially. Send items to us and make BANK.

Help us get items for the players that need them!

If you are interested in joining our team of contracted players and businesses that provide items to us then please fill out the form below and we will get back to you about your options. We will even help you with tips on how to do it. It's really very simple.

Want to sell items to Loot Fetch?
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We are not currently accepting new contractors as we are full.
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